Ready to up your game?

Design and copy for brilliant individuals and organisations.

I will help you create better communications to attract new supporters, plan campaigns with impact, and generate more income.

Clearly, you want your communications to cut through the noise out there, to grow, and reach your audience. Whether you are running a charity, school, college, or a hospital trust, you know you need to reach more people. Generate more revenue. In short, to do whatever it takes to get your message across.

But that is easier said than done. Sure, every campaign will reach a few people. And every fundraising appeal will be rewarded with some income. But could things be better still? You bet!

But doing it all yourself is not going to get you anywhere. Your valuable marketing brain can be used for MUCH better things than figuring out the best design and copy for your next fundraising pack. You have important strategies to develop, stakeholders to update, and so on.

So let me take you to the world of frustration-free design so you have the brain-space and confidence to make your mark on the world.

And with your new stellar comms materials DELEGATED & DONE, you can take time out to think about future projects.

Baby, it’s crowded out there.

How to get your message to stand out from the crowd? You build a strong brand. More importantly, your brand needs to be like no other.

Because, as you pretty well know, there are over 160,000 not-for profit organisations in the UK, all competing for more or less the same audience you are.

But worry not.

Whether you are looking for a brand review, marketing brochure or fundraising pack, taking part in an exhibition, need a spanking new responsive website, social media slides, or slick pitch presentations done in PDF or PowerPoint – I will help make it work for you.