This was an exciting brand design project I did for the University of Oxford's Department of Education. 
The design elements, such as the use of bold colours and a modern typeface, convey a sense of progress and innovation, aligning with the department's mission to drive advancements in education research and practice. The overall aesthetic is clean and professional, making it easily recognizable and memorable for both academic and industry audiences. 
The identity's adaptability across various mediums has also helped to establish a consistent and cohesive brand image for the department.
This new identity design aims to be fresh and reflect the idea of growth. 
This identity has been rolled out across a variety of materials by now, with key pieces of comms including the website and Annual Report. 
#education #learning #TreeOfLearning

I didn't design the Annual Report, but if you are interested, a download pdf is available on the Department's website, towards the bottom:
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