My name is Christian Guthier‭ (‬do look me up on Linkedin‭). ‬I have years of experience as a graphic designer and story teller‭.‬
Whether you would like to talk about creating eye-catching and thought-provoking marketing ideas‭, ‬publicity campaigns‭, ‬social media‭, ‬logo design‭, ‬printed brochures or confidential pitch presentations‭, ‬I’ve done it all‭. ‬Successfully‭. ‬With a lot of happy clients to prove it‭.‬
I will help you to raise your organisation’s brand profile‭, ‬and build lasting relationships with your clients‭.‬
I know very well that it’s all about delivering exciting‭, ‬inspiring‭, ‬powerful communications‭. ‬More bang‭. (‬For your bucks‭.) ‬
So‭, ‬if you want to get potential customers hooked with some top-notch creative work‭ ‬–‭ ‬no matter how big or small your project‭ ‬–‭ ‬let’s talk‭. ‬And let’s make it happen! ‬
Do get in touch‭!‬
Thank you!
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