The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading centers for research and development in artificial intelligence. 
Fundamental AI research is carried out across a number of departments, including computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and the Oxford Internet Institute. 
Research on the applications of AI occurs throughout the University, from medicine to the social sciences and humanities, where AI technologies are providing new ways to gather, process and analyze data. 
To promote the initial roll-out of this new public awareness campaign, I created a visual identity based on the hashtag #OxfordAI which comprised a brochure and social media assets, as well as a website and event materials. 
The campaign aimed to raise awareness and promote the innovative work being done at the University in the field of AI, and encourage collaboration and partnerships between researchers, industry leaders, and the broader community.
See the full brochure on Issuu.

Below, a series of banners used at the Davos conference 2019.
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