I designed all the promotional material for the "Cheka Kidogo" exhibition, which took place outside the National Theatre on the South Bank in London. The exhibition featured photographs taken by Rankin during his visit to eastern Congo and images captured by villagers from Sange.
The exhibition's name means "laugh a little" in Swahili, and despite the ongoing deadly civil war in the region, the photographs showcased the resilience and humanity of the people living there. Rankin conducted workshops, teaching around 200 people how to take their own photos, many of whom had never seen a camera before. The result was a stunning series of pictures that highlighted the hope and strength of the Congolese people.
The photographs were also a powerful reminder of the ongoing conflict and the suffering it has caused, but they showed the kindness and generosity that still exist despite the immense challenges. The exhibition was a must-see for anyone interested in documentary photography and the human spirit.
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