Do you know what is hidden in boxes up in your attic? Or cellar? Or in your garage? There could be hidden treasures.  
By having a look in these boxes, some people have found valuable broaches they never knew they had. Others found books from their childhood that were worth just a few pounds at most. But to a charity like Oxfam, every donation like this is a treasure. Because every penny you give will help their work to fight the causes of poverty around the world.
This campaign was created to raise awareness about the benefits of decluttering and donating unwanted items to charity shops. The visual idea behind the design was to use 'negative space' to nudge people to search for potential hidden treasures that might be hidden in those forgotten spaces, and how donating them can make a difference to the lives of others. 
The posters and adverts were placed in high footfall areas such as train stations, shopping centers and local community centers, and were well-received by the public for their simple yet effective design. The campaign was a great success in terms of raising awareness and increasing donations to charity shops.
#negativespace #donation
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