​​​​​​​Buying second-hand items from a charity shop is a bold statement in itself. But buying pre-loved fashion takes it to another level, You are, quite literally, making a fashion statement.
For many years I designed and art-directed photoshoots for a very wide variety of POS materials for Oxfam shops. From window decals, price tags, and in-store signage to volunteer recruitment campaigns. The goal was to keep driving up sales of donated items, as well as new products such as Fairtrade foods, and big sellers like greeting cards. 
Below are just a few samples of my bigger Oxfam retail portfolio collection.

Leaflet and posters promoting the fact that Oxfam shops don't just sell second-hand products, but also some quite nice new products too.
One problem with donated stuff was that it would cost Oxfam money to dispose of if any of it was broken or damaged. So this little campaign to try and make people sort out their stuff before they dropped it off in the shops.
Oxfam also has a few dedicated wedding dress shops. This is one of a set of posters created for them.
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