A simple but very effective design for a range of wedding giving cards, which uses die-cut shapes to give a festive feeling while showcasing the project's objective. Oxfam Unwrapped wedding card range. 
Oxfam Unwrapped is an alternative way of giving. The target market for this product was more mature couples, who are marrying late or who had been divorced. They usually already have the household items a newly-wed couple are short of, so rather than asking for more pots and pans these wedding gifts are a great alternative way of giving.  The design is a laser-cut pattern – with the off-cuts producing some nice confetti!
The wedding invitation outer box.
The wedding invitation outer box showing the cards inside.
The wedding invitation cards with cut-out pattern showing.
This is the matching wedding favours card box, which the couple give to their guests as a think you. The pattern on the cover reflects the various cards on the inside, as shown below.
The cards opened up. You can just see some of the message text on the inside, which tells the recipient about the beneficiaries of the donation.
Sample confettin that was produced from the off-cuts of the pattern.
The full wedding gift range.
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