I'm Christian Guthier, a graphic designer based in Oxford. I focus on the fundamentals that drive business growth – the design and story of your brand. Brought to life by compelling creative ideas.
I have a three-step approach to your communications challenge:
The situation: What’s preventing you from getting from A to B?
The strategy: What’s the most effective way to reach your goal?
The solutions: What are the missing communications approaches that will get you there?
Backing this approach is my strong background in communication design and brand management, having worked with big names like Oxfam and the University of Oxford, as well as with small organisations such as Keeping Children Safe and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.
Throughout my career, I've worked on some amazing campaigns and high-profile marketing materials across various platforms, from print to social media, websites, exhibitions, and photography. The range of communications materials, I have worked on has been equally diverse, including anything from leaflets, social media assets and Direct Mail to large-scale supporter recruitment campaigns, such as Oxfam's Legacy Giving fundraising, which was so effective that it's still in use today.
Let's work together
If now is the time to elevate your brand with professional graphic design, then get in touch with me to discuss your next communications project and see how I can help you achieve your goals.

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