Forget the camera. Get out your phone!

Thinking of hiring professional camera gear to make some videos? Read this first. It might save you a fortune, but get you the same end results. Amazing what can be done without the use of high-end cameras and mics.

This article is about Christian Payne, who is a photographer teaching organisations like the BBC, the UN and Al Jazeera how to do in-the-field reporting using mobile phones. He also orders pizza to his train seat.

His tips include on what angle to hold a camera for maximum effect, why to pay attention to your subject’s eyeballs….


….how to set a scene and frame the speaker. In all there are some 26 invaluable lessons to be learnt here. So read the full blog post on fluxx’s website.

Original post by Tom Whitwell is Senior Consultant at Fluxx

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All is possible when people come together

Great minds thinking alike after all.

All is possible is an idea about making a difference in this world. So it is nice to see that same mindset being applied to this wonderful new video in the run-up to the Climate talks in Paris at the COP21. Anything is possible when people come together. So, if you are planning a project that you want your donors and supporters to engage with, why not give us a call and see how we can work together.

A bit more about the film:

Using famous faces

Created by agency Don’t Panic, 100% Possible features famous figures who triumphed over adversity – including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, alongside modern heroes such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling.

The film imagines these icons had never taken on the great challenges that have shaped today’s world.

Using a 2.5D parallax technique on manipulated photographs, 100% Possible opens with a middle-aged Steve Jobs working as a sales executive, sitting alone in an office cubicle  – no iPhone in sight and a Microsoft sticker on his bulky PC.

The film then depicts other iconic leaders in alternate realities, having never attempted the impossible-seeming feats that made them famous and transformed our world.

The video encourages the same determination and bold thinking when it comes to tackling climate change.

Challenging perceptions

100% Possible advocates for a transformational shift away from fossil fuels to 100% clean, safe, renewable energy – and aims to explode the myth that it would be “impossible” for the world to be powered this way.

The timing of 100% Possible’s release highlights that next week’s COP21 summit offers a unique opportunity to accelerate momentum towards a 100% clean energy future.

A masterful anti-austerity, rage-filled poem by Agnes Töröka

The scam of austerity explained

Performer Agnes Töröka release an inspired, three-minute poetic call-to-arms for the austerity generation that quickly went viral.

In Worthless, Agnes masterfully calls into question the unfair social contract inherited by todays youth, from non-stop internships to massive debt accumulated while studying for that University degree that is supposed to propel you to a better standard of living. Underlying the spoken word poem is a biting sarcasm, contrasting the public funding of bank bailouts with the raiding of public trusts. She also wonderfully skewers the patronising, “realistic” platitudes of austerity, from cost cutting to telling out-of-work graduates to focus on polishing their CV’s.

It’s a brilliant – and unexpected – piece of rage-filled poetry that should speak to anyone who can see and understand that there is a whole generation of people being reduced to a lifetime of debt and financial struggle – while that same system glorifies the rich while, time and time again, telling the rest of us we’re Worthless.

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We can save them. #shinealight

INTERNATIONAL humanitarian aid charity Human Appeal has partnered with multi award-winning content agency Don’t Panic London to produce an arresting new film. ‘Shine A Light’ raises awareness of the variety of human rights abuses and humanitarian issues that Human Appeal seeks to redress.


‘Shine A Light’ is an emotive and powerful short film that explores the causes of child mortality around the world. It shows a child’s shadow frozen in time and seamlessly replaced with the identical shadow of a genuine arrangement of rotting food, damaged medical equipment, dirty water, weapons and ammunition.


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