Things that the world worries about…

…or not. Let’s start with the good news: It isn’t all doom and gloom.

In some countries the population is more optimistic than not. The countries include China, Saudi Arabia, India, Argentina, Peru, Canada and Russia.


A sizeable chunk of the world’s population is unhappy with the direction their country is going in, according to a survey that also reveals what people in different nations are most concerned about.

Then again, just as an example, Sweden seems to be worried about homicide – yet it has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. Which just goes to show that what people are worried about and what they should be worried about doesn’t always tie up.

But, if it makes good headlines, why hold back? Thus, if you keep in mind the Swedish example mentioned above, as you read the World Economic Forums article What are people in your country most worried about?  – you’ll come to realise that there is much less to worry about than suggested.

“Fear nothing but fear itself” comes to mind.