5 reasons Instagram matters, big time

This is a big statement from MDG Advertising: Instagram may be the single biggest opportunity for social media marketers next year. Can it be true? We’ve heard plenty this year from Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, as their uses and back end business deals fluctuate, but Instagram has been the steady social platform not making too much noise. But that just might be what makes it 2016’s winner. Its consistency has made it the fastest growing platform around right now, and MDG has gathered fresh data to prove why marketers everywhere should be factoring Instagram into their budgets.

A few key takeaways from the infographic:

> The platform is already massive and it’s growing. There are 400 million active monthly users (we said active) who are liking photos to the tune of 2.5 billion per day. Over a quarter of the U.S adult population is on Instagram. They’re there and they’re engaged. What more can you ask for?

> The demographic that uses the platform the most is the money demographic. Over half of Instagram users are under 29 and 62% are teenagers. One third of U.S teens say it’s the most important social network. If you or your brand is looking to capture the aesthetically-minded youth, there is no platform more crucial for your social strategy than Instagram.

> It’s got everything marketers need to advertise to their heart’s content. There are several options for style and targeting, and the highly visual nature of Instagram content is perfect for beauty brands, fitness brands, lifestyle brands, and more to capitalise on the rush to mobile ecommerce.

And if I needed any confirmation, my teenage daughters heard about the Paris terrorist attacks before I did – via Instagram. As a medium that reaches a large audience at twitter speed, you can’t beat it.

Will you be making Instagram a priority in 2016? Check out the infographic below and judge for yourself:

 Instagram infographic