Trump lends a little hand….

This is a beautifully cheeky advertising campaign for the Women’s Equality Party. THeir new ‘thanks’ Trump protest campaign was their defiant answer to the American president’s controversial UK visit.

Satirical ads “thanked” Donald Trump for his contributions to the cause of women’s rights, with slogans such as “Thank you Trump – for giving feminism a little hand.” The timing of this campaign could not have been better and struck the right tone in galvanising supporters in the fight against misogyny. Plus, it did so with a sense of humour – a powerful tool to unite people and a much-needed antidote in yet another week clouded by political turmoil. I hope at least a few Trump supporters got the message.

Client: Catherine Smith, head of campaigns
Agency: Now
Creatives: Laura Muse, Amelia Wood, Steph Ellis, Rory Hall, Sarah Levitt, Clint Harding and Juliet Kent

Thank you Trump


Democratic Brexit

An interesting video explaining the principle of how British democracy is an ongoing, participative process. Join Healthier IN the EU in demanding more of our government as they act on the Brexit mandate from the referendum. If we don’t fight for our NHS, it’ll be lost.

How to undermine carefully crafted party political narratives

This came out of nowhere, and grabbed people’s attention.

A simple, cheap and direct guerrilla campaign that undermined the mainstream media narrative our politicians so carefully try to control. Well,some more than others…

Posters bearing the words “strong and stable my arse” which were spotted across London over the weekend are the work of the artist Jeremy Deller.

Passersby began tweeting pictures of the posters from Peckham to Soho to Kentish Town on Friday, but the question was: who was behind them?

Deller confirmed to the Guardian on Monday that he was responsible. He said he hoped the posters were self-explanatory, particularly after “this U-turn this morning” from Theresa May on Conservative party social care policies.

Not all heroes wear capes.




Stop the silence!

What a powerful new campaign!

We didn’t vote for this… Stop the Silence is a crowd-funded national campaign set to reach over ten million people. It was developed by a pop-up grassroots organisation in response to public demand. Stop the Silence gives a reminder to parliament not to leave the electorate behind during the Brexit process. It also gives a voice to all who feel isolated by their lack of representation on today’s political stage.

The provocative campaign exposes the suppressed concerns of people who feel silenced and ignored by the way that decisions are being made about the future of their country however they may have voted.

It takes their worries out of their homes, pubs and social media, delivers them to parliament and puts them in the spotlight on the streets of the UK. #brexit #referendum #eu #stopthesilence #GinaMiller


All is possible when people come together

Great minds thinking alike after all.

All is possible is an idea about making a difference in this world. So it is nice to see that same mindset being applied to this wonderful new video in the run-up to the Climate talks in Paris at the COP21. Anything is possible when people come together. So, if you are planning a project that you want your donors and supporters to engage with, why not give us a call and see how we can work together.

A bit more about the film:

Using famous faces

Created by agency Don’t Panic, 100% Possible features famous figures who triumphed over adversity – including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, alongside modern heroes such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling.

The film imagines these icons had never taken on the great challenges that have shaped today’s world.

Using a 2.5D parallax technique on manipulated photographs, 100% Possible opens with a middle-aged Steve Jobs working as a sales executive, sitting alone in an office cubicle  – no iPhone in sight and a Microsoft sticker on his bulky PC.

The film then depicts other iconic leaders in alternate realities, having never attempted the impossible-seeming feats that made them famous and transformed our world.

The video encourages the same determination and bold thinking when it comes to tackling climate change.

Challenging perceptions

100% Possible advocates for a transformational shift away from fossil fuels to 100% clean, safe, renewable energy – and aims to explode the myth that it would be “impossible” for the world to be powered this way.

The timing of 100% Possible’s release highlights that next week’s COP21 summit offers a unique opportunity to accelerate momentum towards a 100% clean energy future.