Here is the deal…

If your marketing materials are looking a bit tired and uninspiring and you realise that your audience thinks so too…

…or you’ve been living with “mehs,” hoping that no one notices your less-than-awesome website, brochure and presentations…

I can help

Imagine visiting the website of your biggest competitor or business crush. It exudes purpose. Everything seems to have been thought through and and gives their brand credibility. You instantly trust them and hanging out on their site is fun. You can hardly help from being inspired, pulling out your card to buy their product or service.

Now, imagine if your marketing comms – from mailers, website to social media – had the same effect on your dream audience. Your materials communicate your unique values. A built-just-for-you site or brochures that sing about your passion and your ambition.

That is what I will do for you.

“Christian and I worked together at Oxfam GB delivering the first national outdoor photography exhibition ‘after the wave’ at the National Theatre in London. I can honestly say that Christian is a truly brilliant designer; his skills are second to none. He was critical in making this event a huge success for Oxfam, securing seven minutes of prime time Channel 4 news coverage and sponsorship from a whole range of high profile organisations including the Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and Rex Features.”

Susan Nisbet, Acting Director of Communications at The Climate Group

Seriously. Now is the time to grow. Because you are not just some pop-up outfit. You want to make a difference!

I understand this is a big step. You’re asking yourself: “Do I really need a design refresh? Am I really ready for this? Is it worth the money? ” Well, maybe. Maybe not.

You’ll know you’re ready if…

  • You want to grow your idea, make an impact, earn more money, and get listened to.
  • You want to stop idolising other organisations. You’re ready to be someone else’s peer.
  • You realise that cheap and cheerful doesn’t work. It usually means you have to rework it soon after, and end up spending twice as much.
  • You know your strengths and high-value activities. Graphic design or learning html are not one of those things.
  • You know that this decision isn’t about you or your organisation now, it’s about what’s down the road in 6 months or a year from now. It’s for the future you.

Ready to rock?