Lots of great clients

I’ve worked with a lot of nice people and organisations. Helping them to reach out, engage and involve other nice people.

So what kind of work have I done? Well, quite a lot.

From business cards, badges, brand design and brochures, to beautiful reports and big photographic exhibitions. From shareable social media messages to responsive websites. From slick (and confidential) pitch presentations to internal review reports – I’ve done a whole lot of stuff. And then some more.

So I could build a pretty large portfolio site showing off all that great work, but that misses the point: you need to talk to me. I’d rather you tell me what it is that you are interested in doing. Your project is after all something new, and unlike all the other materials.  I can then always put some portfolio examples together that will be more relevant to you and your audience.

Though,  just to pique your interest, below are some of the wonderful clients that I’ve done work for over the last year or two.



“Christian has provided numerous creative solutions and products for my work on public campaigns over several years, always with a high standard of thought, execution and professionalism.”
Naveed Chaudhri, Head of Campaigns at Results UK