If you want to hitchhike across the universe…

Over 100 linguists are currently beavering away at Babbel HQ to develop the best language-learning app ever. Over one million active subscribers are already convinced. So who are these people and what are they doing so right?


If you are interested in languages, this article in Babbel Magazine is worth a read!

How progressive campaigns are won in the 21st Century

This is an interesting site innovating social strategy for non-profit campaign organisations. Download their latest free report from netchange.co.


Social change is hard, and harder still if our institutions haven’t adapted to the cultural changes of our networked society and the complexity of the world’s wicked problems.

The Networked Change Report maps out the strategies and practices that made 47 of today’s most successful advocacy campaigns work while so many others failed to create lasting change.

These campaigns achieved success, we found, because of their ability to open up to the new cultural forces which favor open-ness and grassroots power, but also because they framed and strategically directed this power towards concrete policy outcomes. In short, these “directed network campaigns” married old power with new.

With a special focus on directed-network campaigns, the report isolates the strategic and operational approaches that were common to all high performing examples in our case studies.

Simply put, our intention is to accelerate innovations that work. Understanding and implementing these principles and approaches will allow organizers to apply a model that is consistently achieving high impact and force amplification in today’s challenging advocacy landscape.

“The conventional rules of organizing and the practice of building institutions to create change is being replaced by the demand to innovate and spark new connections and a mandate to build platforms that allow for participation and self determination. This report examines and connects the dots between emergent strategies and provides concrete mechanisms to adapt and improve social change efforts.” 

Marisa Franco, Director of the Not1More Deportation Campaign 

The report is available for free download.


Equal Not Divided

An inspiring new campaign aimed at building a more integrated society

Just been putting the finishing touches to the just-launch Equal Not Divided website that me and copywriter Ben Beaumont have been working on.

Equal Not Divided is a campaign for schools led by The Challenge, the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society. Launched in 2009, The Challenge’s vision is a more integrated society where people understand and appreciate each other’s differences.

And so they launched a new report, in collaboration with the iCoCo Foundation and SchoolDash, titledUnderstanding School Segregation in England: 2011 to 2016 (PDF).



If you are a small charity, or need a campaign portal like this designed and produced, don’t hesitate! We’d love to work with you to achieve your goals, effective and cost efficiently.  Get in touch today and I’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

Vertical Videos? Oh yes, you need them

In years gone by, recording and uploading video with the camera held vertically was looked upon with ridicule, producing big black bars either side of the picture and a narrow viewing angle, guaranteed to turn viewers off.

But times are changing. 

ThisSocial Media Today post lays out five reasons why your business should be experimenting with vertical video for social media marketing in 2017, and the potential benefits it can bring.

The key points presented:

1. People naturally hold their phones vertically 

2. People access social media on mobile the most

3. Social networks are vertical video-friendly

4. Vertical video ads convert better

5. Your customers are lazy

Read the full article on Social Media Today.





Stop the silence!

What a powerful new campaign!

We didn’t vote for this… Stop the Silence is a crowd-funded national campaign set to reach over ten million people. It was developed by a pop-up grassroots organisation in response to public demand. Stop the Silence gives a reminder to parliament not to leave the electorate behind during the Brexit process. It also gives a voice to all who feel isolated by their lack of representation on today’s political stage.

The provocative campaign exposes the suppressed concerns of people who feel silenced and ignored by the way that decisions are being made about the future of their country however they may have voted.

It takes their worries out of their homes, pubs and social media, delivers them to parliament and puts them in the spotlight on the streets of the UK. #brexit #referendum #eu #stopthesilence #GinaMiller


The impact of responsive design on online giving (Infographic)

An increasing number of charities and non-profits are recognising the advantages of updating their websites to responsive web design. This is because responsive sites provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling – across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. Which in turn helps generate a significantly better rate on converting a site visit into an action, whether signing a petition or making a donation.

According to Pew Research, 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online, as of May 2013, and 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer.

Not only is your audience accessing your website from their mobile device or tablet, they’re also giving more money on sites that are responsive. Blakcbaud determined this after they researched 105 small and mid-sized randomly selected nonprofits and conducted an analysis on almost 5,000 donations processed by Blackbaud’s Online Express between August 26th and October 25th of 2014.

Key findings from the research include:

> Donors were 34% more likely to make a gift after reaching a donation form when the website was responsive.
> The average gift size increased on responsive sites.
> Conversions were 59% higher for mobile donors one responsive websites.
> Of the 105 non-profits that npENGAGE evaluated manually, 42% had responsive sites. That’s only 56 organisations.

 Responsive design infographic

Positive news is possible #ownthemedia

Ever fancied becoming a media tycoon? Well, I guess this isn’t it. But you could be part of a growing demand for independent news – and above all, news that is less about scare stories and more about positive news.

For the last 22 years Positive News has pioneered journalism that shines a light on kindness, cooperation, creativity and innovation. They’ve brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly, are inspiring other media as well.

If this inspires you, now is your chance to become a media proprietor of the kind of media that you want. Every shareholder will have one equal vote on things like electing the board of directors who will represent your interests and oversee the operation of the publication. And only shareholders will have the right to amend the Positive News Charter, which will govern what news values are and how these get put into practice.

Become a media proprietor today

And the best bit? Depending on the reward level you choose when you invest, you can get your hands on some amazing extras, including a 100% organic cotton #OwnTheMedia t-shirt (or two!), a ticket to our relaunch party, your name on the supporters’ wall online, a personalised Positive News cover, and even an exclusive breakfast meeting with our Patron Martyn Lewis. Rewards (see full list on the right) are limited, so make sure to get in quick!


Positive News tee shirt