About me

Years of experience, all bundled into an affordable freelancer. Or two. Or three.

My name is Christian Guthier (do look me up on Linkedin), and I have years and years of experience as a graphic designer and project manager in the not-for-profit sector, working for charities big and small, schools and higher education organisations, as well as adventurous start-ups.

Whether we’re talking about creative fundraising ideas, publicity generating campaigns, websites and social media, brochures or confidential pitch documents, I’ve done it all. With a lot of happy clients to prove it.

But just because I’m a freelancer doesn’t mean I only take on small projects. Oh no. Whatever the project, I can dial up or down the amount of people contributing to a project. From one to many.

With years of media industry connections there are a lot of specialists I can draw upon to help beef up a project’s capacity. From nifty copywriters and clever-cloggs web coders, to stellar film makers, all is possible (I use that phrase a lot, I know).

Through creative approaches ideas I help you build lasting relationships, raise your organisation’s brand profile and increase donations.

In the end, I know very well, that it’s all about delivering exceptional returns on your investment. More bangs for your bucks, so to speak.