Your street on your chest?

Fancy a creative and unusual t-shirt? Then take note of this inspirational enterprise!

As the site says (in German):  raubdruckerin is an experimental street printing project that has been printing details of the urban texture of selected cities on streetwear, fabrics and paper. Printing is done by hand: on manhole covers, ventilation grids and other reliefs that the infrastructure of the urban landscape presents. 

The public space is regarded as a printing workshop and stage for unusual motifs that are often overlooked in everyday life. An imprint of the city, which takes away the hustle and bustle of mass production and also attaches a unique souvenir to the body of the people.   

The process of transforming an urban detail into a picture worn on someone’s chest can be considered a reverse street art. One part of the city is pulled out of its origin and brought to life in another context. By wearing the picture, people themselves become part of the project, opening up possibilities to stimulate perception of the relationship to our environment, to discover beauty where it would not be expected.

Enjoy and be inspired!





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