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Clever company – or muppets?

I guess the fact that you have clicked through on this link means you are on the side of ‘clever company’, right? This kind of messaging is disruptive in its honesty and attitude. Which surely is quite a smart move. Here are tow examples of this:

Down and under

This Australian telecoms company, Vocus Communications, based in Sydney, shared a photo of the wall decoration in its office, highlighting their four ‘core values’ – in an cheeky and attention-grabbing style.

The company’s Talent Acquisition employee, Kristen Wright, shared the picture, which begins with “clever company no muppets” and an image of Kermit the frog, adding “we are awesome people with a great attitude, unleashed and empowered to do our job”.

The second, “don’t screw the customer”, states that “we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, we make it easy to buy and easy to use” with an image of shoes.

The third has an image of a light bulb lighting up containing a brain, and is titled “have a crack”, continuing with “we detest bureaucracy, we collaborate to find a smarter way, we take risks, we act decisively and we celebrate our wins”.

Finally, the fourth value has a picture of two people with halos, and is titled “don’t be a d!@khead”, with the text reading “we respect each other, we value relationships and we have the hard conversations”.


Appealing to ‘snob’ values?

Attention-grabbing seems to be the way companies try to reach out these days. Another great example it this in-your-face statement, from no other than Erik Spiekermann‘s website.

Fancy getting bold with your comms too? Or do you think this is a bit too risky for your brand?

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