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How to still get work done on flights adopting the laptop ban

I know, I’m being a bit facetious here, but I just couldn’t resit.

I saw the above headline for a WIRED article, in which it offered ideas on how to circumvent the ban on larger electronic gadgets such as laptops on airline travels.

The ban prevents any electronic item with built-in batteries and plugs from being taken on the flight, if it exceeds any of these measurements: 16cm long, 9.3cm wide, 1.5cm deep. This covers laptops, tablets, phones, e-readers and portable DVD players.

WIRED’s conclusion? Anyone that has to work, will be forced to use their phone. It’s not going to be the most comfortable ride, but hey, they offer some tips to make it workable.


….take my advice: get away from the screen. Rethink how you work. Revert to pre-digital tools upon which entire civilisations have been built: pen and paper.

Unless airlines ban sharpened pencils next, these tools can be used at any time, without the need to recharge or wifi connection. And you will have saved not only another bit of rainforest, but also a wad of money you can use for… well, I’ll leave that up to you.




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