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Celebrating feminism

It is shocking to read some comments on social media about International Women’s Day, or about events such as #march4women.

Not only are most of these commenters displaying an ignorance about the issue they are putting down, preferring to jump onto the #feminazi bandwagon – but it is saddening to see that there are so many women amongst those commenting!

Being a father of two wonderful daughters, I am very aware of the issues facing women. Not just in the UK, where still much needs to be done,  but need to support women across the world, many of who don’t have the freedom to stand up and protest.

Luckily though, there are many brave voices here in the UK willing to stand up and be counted. I’m sure Helen Pankhurst would be glad to see so many women – and men – go forth and demand change. Yet, she would also be disappointed to see that the struggle for greater equality is still going on.

I hope you will find a moment to follow up and read some of the links I have posted here, and share them across your network of friends and colleagues.

As for myself, I am proud to be doing design work for Annie Lennox’s The Circle, which just yesterday included the social media slide below.


A social media slide I designed for Annie Lennox’s The Circle



Annie teamed up with CARE International this year.

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