Bland Brand?

Why do we feel the need to mock the process of branding?

From walls of Post-Its to dubious logo evolution diagrams, branding can be an easy target for satire. Yet despite its clichés, process is a vital part of the job

In this interesting article in Creative Review James Greenfield takes an insiders look at public perception of branding.

‘What do you do?’ A common question in the modern world where work often defines us to new people. ‘Branding? What’s that?’ The stock response. Be it a new friend at a party, a driver on a long cab ride or the person sat next to you in transit. Whether we like it or not, graphic design is advertising’s poor cousin. Everyone knows what an advert is, we’re surrounded by them. Logos? We’re also surrounded by them, but in my experience people never think about who designs them or rarely have a favourite. And the thing about all of this? Most new clients once held this position until it came to branding their company.

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