Venn diagram about university website usability

Venn reality hits home?

This is quite an amusing Venn diagram about the usability of many University websites. When internal expectations collide with external expectations? Josh Spiro’s article Redesigning the Ivory Tower certainly takes apart the UI of educational websites. And quite rightly so.

If academia is often compared to an ivory tower, then a college’s website is the school motto carved proudly into that tower but overgrown with ivy. Most college websites make life harder for the people who visit them. This goes double for colleges inside a larger university. They are probably only redesigned every few years because of budget and staffing constraints, and they are bloated with excess content, unintuitive design, and competing internal interests and politics, as illustrated by the comic below.

Yet, I can’t help but wonder how many other sites don’t quite meet the expectations of their visitors. Do you think your site is doing well?

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