Plague! How to prepare for the next pandemic

Globalisation makes the spread of a worldwide killer disease inevitable. The last Ebola outbreak nearly got out of control, but it showed what we need to do.

This article in the New Scientist is both alarming and yet also gives hope. Since that Ebola outbreak just a few years ago it seems alarm bells have been ringing in capitals around the world. Now initiatives such as PREDICT , which aims to enable global surveillance for pathogens that can spillover from animal hosts to people, are gaining traction.

I’ve already worked on many campaigns that try to highlight the growing risks to the world population. From Consumers International’s campaign to get antibiotics out of farming, to helping Cochrane roll out the rebranding and produce communication materials such as their annual report (see below). And with the growing initiative to educate and promote greater awareness of the potential risks of another pandemic, now it the time to develop strong and clear communication strategies.

For the full New Scientist article, click here.


Photo courtesy of CANFAR on Wikipedia.

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