War is over – if you want it

“We can get peace now, if we want it now. The left wing talk about giving power to the people. Anybody knows that the people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people. They are not aware. It’s like they’re not educated enough to realise that they have power.”

This is a revival of a campaign and poster concept of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1969. You can follow the conversation on twitter, where a whole host of celebrities add their voice to the campaign. Visit the Facebook page or the main website.

As John describes it:

John Lennon

When we stick posters around saying, “WAR IS OVER – If You Want It”, what we’re trying to promote is an awareness in people of how much power they have, and not to rely on the government, or leaders, or teachers so much that they’re all passive or automatons. They have to have new hope.

Everybody’s looking for goals and answers; the youth especially.

What we’re trying to tell them is that “You are the goal. Nobody on earth can do it for you. Whatever it is you want, you must do it yourself.”

John Lennon, 1969

Yoko Ono

Dear Friends,

The WAR IS OVER! campaign was once a tiny seed, which spread and covered the Earth.

John and I believed it helped many people to stop their wars. Since then, every WAR IS OVER! campaign has impacted the world as powerfully as the first one.

Start yours tomorrow, and you will see that it spreads and covers the world very fast and, meanwhile, makes you a Small Pebble Person.

Small Pebble People are people who know that small pebbles, when they’re dropped in the ocean, will immediately affect the ocean of the whole wide world.

Don’t throw a big stone. It scares people and creates repercussions.

Just drop a small pebble.
We’ll keep doing it. Together.
That’s how the world gets changed…by Small Pebble People.
We change, and the world changes.

Happy Holidays.

I love you!

Yoko Ono Lennon
1 December 2015





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