So, you really think you are creative?

A few years ago we did this 30 second brain test (link below) in a large marketing studio, to find out who the most creative workers in the department were.

Before we took the test we all assumed that, for example, graphic designers (like myself), would end up scoring high on the creative spectrum, and others would be over towards the more logical side of the spectrum. The results turned our understanding what we do for a living on it’s head.

It turns out that designers actually have highly practical and analytical minds. Designers are actually organisers of information rather than the creative geniuses they like to think they are. Copy writers on the other hand did a whole lot better on creative scale with administrators, and above all the PA to the Comms Director, turning out to be the most creative of all!

The question we were left with was: Is design about a much more rational process, organising information that stimulates the creative imagination of the audience — rather than the other way round? I’m still trying to figure this one out.

But why speculate? Take the test yourself. Be honest in your answers and see how you do in the 30 second brain test.

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