Colour codes for some of the world’s biggest brands

This is a great colour resource for designers: I bet there have been times when you were ready to pull your hair out because you needed to know the colour code for one global brand or another. Or you simply wanted to get some inspiration as to colour sets used by these world-famous brands. After all, you don’t want to clash with some of the greats, do you.

Even if none of the above applies to you, one day you’ll be glad to know that there is no need to worry, as there’s a pretty useful site out there, giving you all the answers…

 Missouri, US-based designer and developer Galen Gidman has rounded up the official colour codes of some of the biggest brands in the world on his website, BrandColors.

The collection to date features a multi-industry spread of brands that include prominent MNCs like Samsung and Pfizer as well as thriving startups like Lyft and Houzz, enabling users to explore and download their favoured collections for their personal use.

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