A masterful anti-austerity, rage-filled poem by Agnes Töröka

The scam of austerity explained

Performer Agnes Töröka release an inspired, three-minute poetic call-to-arms for the austerity generation that quickly went viral.

In Worthless, Agnes masterfully calls into question the unfair social contract inherited by todays youth, from non-stop internships to massive debt accumulated while studying for that University degree that is supposed to propel you to a better standard of living. Underlying the spoken word poem is a biting sarcasm, contrasting the public funding of bank bailouts with the raiding of public trusts. She also wonderfully skewers the patronising, “realistic” platitudes of austerity, from cost cutting to telling out-of-work graduates to focus on polishing their CV’s.

It’s a brilliant – and unexpected – piece of rage-filled poetry that should speak to anyone who can see and understand that there is a whole generation of people being reduced to a lifetime of debt and financial struggle – while that same system glorifies the rich while, time and time again, telling the rest of us we’re Worthless.

Original story covered by Adam Johnson at alternet.org


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