Positive news is possible #ownthemedia

Ever fancied becoming a media tycoon? Well, I guess this isn’t it. But you could be part of a growing demand for independent news – and above all, news that is less about scare stories and more about positive news.

For the last 22 years Positive News has pioneered journalism that shines a light on kindness, cooperation, creativity and innovation. They’ve brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly, are inspiring other media as well.

If this inspires you, now is your chance to become a media proprietor of the kind of media that you want. Every shareholder will have one equal vote on things like electing the board of directors who will represent your interests and oversee the operation of the publication. And only shareholders will have the right to amend the Positive News Charter, which will govern what news values are and how these get put into practice.

Become a media proprietor today

And the best bit? Depending on the reward level you choose when you invest, you can get your hands on some amazing extras, including a 100% organic cotton #OwnTheMedia t-shirt (or two!), a ticket to our relaunch party, your name on the supporters’ wall online, a personalised Positive News cover, and even an exclusive breakfast meeting with our Patron Martyn Lewis. Rewards (see full list on the right) are limited, so make sure to get in quick!


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