Political branding: the Labour Party leadership logos 2015

The challenge here comes from Benedict Pringle, who’s excellent blog about political campaigning in the UK is drawing attention to the dire state of affairs when it comes to logo designs for the Labour Party leadership election campaign. As Benedict says:

“The candidates for the Labour Party leadership campaign are now locked down and final.

As ever, I’m interested in the most seemingly trivial part of the battle: what their logos look like.

Getting your logo right isn’t going to win you the election, but it’s a useful thing to get right. It’s a consciously developed identity that will exist across all the materials that are being designed to help your candidate win office. It’s a useful visual short cut for the values and persona of the candidate that is comprised of colours, strap lines and design features.

When well-designed and implemented they create a consistent identity that helps build familiarity with an electorate which facilitates feelings of trust and loyalty.

A good logo is concise, differentiating from the competition and authentic to the candidate.”

Read the full blog post and view examples of the sad affair of the Labour Party leader logos on his website.

In the meantime, as an exercise in upping the game, here are two ideas that came to me. I’m sure I’ll add some more if I have ideas/time to work on it sometime. They might not be masterpieces, but hey, what do you want from a lunch break’s worth of work?

Jeremy Corbyn election logo idea

Yvette Cooper's Labour Party leadership election logo idea, based on the ballot box that party members will have to tick

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