Who are the biggest fans of crowdfunding?

Well, I would never have guessed it. It isn’t the tech and social media loving millennials, but the older demographics instead. Alternative fundraising platform Crowdfunder has conducted research which has revealed that Britain’s senior citizens are more likely to pledge money on projects than any other age group.

Utilising the website’s analytics data, Crowdfunder discovered that in the month of March 2015, over 12.5 per cent of those who backed projects on the site were aged over 65. The biggest contributors to the platform overall were the 45-55 year-olds, with 27.5 per cent pledging online. Some 9.3 per cent of commitments came from 18-25 year-olds.

Around 500,000 people visit Crowdfunder’s website each month, and over 40 per cent of the users from the March analytics were over 45.

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Photo credit: Gabriel Rocha

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