Social innovation in Berlin

There is an interesting article about how the German capital is fast gaining a reputation as a creative hub for sustainable and social businesses, making the most of cheap working spaces.

Inaccurately though it portrays the city as if it were in decay which, I can assure you, only applies to some areas (just as in any other large city). I guess it justifies the use of showing the large mural to head the story.

That aside, it is interesting how the German government in actively involved in helping to create social enterprise hubs through public funding, and that this model really seems to be taking off.

Collaboration spaces such as this are why Berlin is gaining a reputation as a hub for creative sustainable and social businesses. Twenty per cent of the city’s GDP flows through the creative and culture industry, while more than 4% is generated by research and higher education.

Sites worth exploring include the Social Impact Lab and Inclusive Business.


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